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Comfort, provided by everyday clothing that is manufactured by nanochemical applied fabrics  is a wide topic, though let’s touch briefly. Let’s begin with our children’s clothing if you please.


You want to feed  or give water to your baby or your toddler who either makes a mess or gets soaking wet. You start complaining about the new laundry while making your way to the wardrobe for new clothes. However, being dressed with the clothes woven with nanochemical applied fabrics, you can emerge bone-dry even after getting under a waterfall. Water, coke, tea not only flow but glide over you. If the likes of oil, ketchup spill over on you, only thing you need to do is to pick them up with a napkin. Work clothes with such features maintain this property even after 50-100 times washing.


With another application, your processed clothes soak in the contaminating items upon their spillage on you, immediately, avoiding notice from outside, and they are being removed from your clothes through washing.


If you suffer from not being able to instantly take notice of your child running a fever, there is a solution. Their dress will change their color, as from 39 degrees celcius and it will warn you. Are you satisfied yet? How about a dress for you showing different colors day and night? Diversity is always favourable.


Your child is playing with his/her friends in the park or garden, or you are on your way to  picnic as a family. What if the insects bite you? No need to mention the ticks that conjure up nightmares.  But if you have dressed him/her up with an outfit, processed with insect repellent material, you wont need to worry anymore. Bugs, flies, ticks wont be bothering you.


Your child is running and playing. You’re constantly worrying about him/ her: what if he/shes is sweaty, what if he/she gets sick? If he/she’s around, you’re calling to check his/her back. If sweaty you’re either mopping his/her back or putting something there. Whereas you wouldnt be suffering from such a problem if he/she put on a non-retentive dress.


You need a dress as well. In the summer, you put on your suit, you wore your tie and you got on public vehicles like subway or bus. Weather is hot and it is crowded and you sweat buckets in  such a place without air conditioning. A smothering humidity puts the boot in. You dont need to deodorize yourself with innumerable deodorants and perfumes. You will be feeling freshness in your armpits under 40-45 ºC, not dampness.


What if your child is allergic to pollen? You happen to stay in dusty environments mandatorily? Solution is wearing clothing that dont gather dust and pollen. Dust and pollen adhere to the normal fabric with their jagged structure. On the other hand, when we shake off these clothes (seizing by collar)  woven with this fabric, all the dust and pollen fall off. Are you allergic too? This is the solution.

We gave flexibility to knitten fabric without applying lycra. We conducted this for people who dont want their body be wrapped by lycra applied fabric.

As a part of your job your working in foul-smelling places. In the evenings when you come home, your work clothes stink. Your wife is doing the laundry with uttermost complaining and saying she’s done with this stench. You’re perseveringly using deodorants to alleviate the stench pervading on you and running to bathroom in the evenings. However your cloth that soaks and retains the stench will spare you bearing this problem.


We can aromatize our dresses. We can scent as we move. Rose, lavender, lily, daisy. What does it feel like having such a scenting outfit in your workplace, and the vehicles you get on. You can coalesce with the fragrance of your favourite flower if you like.

Rose fragrance disperses negative moods and strengthens the memory. It is not in vain, carrying rose to our beloved ones. Daisy has untibacterial effect and ability to absorb UV rays. It’s your choice.


If you’re complaining about being under constant stress at work, working in harsh conditions and under pressure and that you became unbalanced, a negative ion charged  fabric with an anti-stress feature can restore your balance. Your dress neutralizes the ambience, regulates your metabolism and accelerates your blood circulation, alleviates fatigue, helps cell renewal, relaxes the mind and provides a sound sleep.


Wouldn’t you like to have a dress with a slimming feature? Nano particles of your dress that penetrate your body will help you lose weight, dissolving the subcutaneous fats under your skin.

How about wearing a dress with antioxidant property and lily fragnance?


Our skin is being worn. Anybody want to wear clothes that could protect, dampen and soften our skin?

How about an anti-aging dress processed with aloe vera based chemicals?. It dampens and protects the skin and slows down aging.

You dont look attracted; would you turn down a dress with gingsen oil and skin caring feature?

Your muscle fats reduce and your body gets invigorated when you put on this dress.

How about a supplement of vitamins A, C and E with your vitamin providing dress? As you know vitamin E keeps your body young and energetic. Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant that protects our body.


How about having a sweatsuit that reduces your body temperature by 2-3 degrees in the summer, or increases it 2-3 degrees in order to warm you in the winter?


You put on your swimsuit and plunged into the sea or pool, if you’re dont like your wet swimsuit to reveal your body lines, just dont bother yourself. We recommend you a swimsuit made from  wetproof fabric.

Let’s talk about wedding and evening dresses. You’ll marry only once in your life, you wore your wedding dress sewn from lilywhite fabric. It really fit you well, God forbid! On the other hand, what if it contacts with something and gets stained? Have you ever seen a soaking wet bride due to rain? However our bride girl will be relieved with the wedding dress woven with fabrics that we treated. She won’t bother to worry as to whether her wedding dress undergoes anything.


Years later you wondered whether it fitted you again and you took it out of its box. But what is that? Your wedding dress has turned yellow. Dont worry, we resolved this problem. Your dress won’t turn yellow, twenty years later our girl will be able to put it on if she likes.


Would you like your evening dress to have the same feature? Retaining no dust or dirt, water glides over it. No need to worry for having paid so much money for it..

If you ask ‘’I dont want my dress sweaten me in the hottest evening of summer in this crowd. Is this possible?’’ i’ll reply you with  ‘’hard to do, yet possible ’’ answer.

I say, you deserve to wear such a comfortable dress at least, what would you say?


If you ask how we can utilize such fabrics, processed with such chemicals, i will reply concisely.




We can give these fabrics the following features:

-Dust-pollen repellency

-Insect, fly repeller



-Dirt and stain repellency

-Stench absorbing.


Think a while, smoke won’t permeate on the place.


We permenantly eliminated the smoky smell, permeated on the fabrics of a factory which underwent a fire.


An antibacterial process can be applied on your wall to wall carpets in your house.


Your cotton yarn woven curtains can change its color under temperature if you like; how about that?







-Aloe vera applied

– Stress relieving

– Fragnant

-Vitamin applied

– Sweat repeller

– Maintaining your body temperature with warmness in winter and freshness in summer.

– Insect and fly repeller

– Anti-bacterial

– Dirt and stain repeller sheets, cushions, bathrobes and towels, wouldnt you like to use them?


Or would you like your bathrobe to change its color with temperature?


How about using a green sand repellent beach towel?





Woolen clothes succor us in cold weathers. They warm us. But when we get in warmer places we start to sweat, we smell the wool. Sometimes this itches. On the other hand using NAPHTHALINE is highly dangerous for our health. As you know naphthaline usage is forbidden in Europe. If you as what we could do then, i can suggest you the following:


– We aromatize the wool, thus rose, lemon, lily and levander fragnance scent whenever we sweat.


– We can give it sweat repellency feature.


– Special softeners help prevent itching.


– You may not need to use naphthaline for insect-fly and moth repellency also for lavender fragnance, according to your usage.


We also whitened the wool. From now on, you dont have to wear yellow woollies.

You must have seen on the newspapers that your woolen suits are processed with antibacterial applications, that they dont soak under rain; and that they dont retain dirt.


Ekrem Hayri Peker

Chemical Engeener



1-Peker, Ekrem Hayri- Tekstilcinin El Kitabı Bursa-2011

2- Peker, Ekrem Hayri- Tekstilci El Kitabı   İstanbul -2014

3- Peker, Ekrem Hayri- Tekstile Giriş Bursa-2015

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